I build and manage high performance static websites for clients who need the fastest and most reliable web presence possible.

I am based in Portland, Maine, and serve clients throughout the country.

I also support Wordpress sites and develop custom Wordpress themes—although, for the reasons below, I think static sites present the best solution for many of my clients.

For information on availability and pricing for your project, please write to inquiries@aldenrobinson.net. Please provide a link to your site and a summary of your objectives.

Why Static Sites?

Counterintuitive though it may sound, static websites are fast becoming a better option for many web applications than their dynamic counterparts.

Static websites consist of pre-built HTML pages, as opposed to dynamic sites created by software like Wordpress and Drupal.

Others have said it better:

Collaborative development

The most commonly-mentioned downside of static sites is the need for a developer or HTML-fluent editor to update the content.

However, I believe this natural collaboration brings many potential benefits as well. Code and content go hand-in-hand. When developers and clients work together to develop a site's content as well as its structure, both benefit and the final product is much stronger.

I look forward to discussing your project with you.